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Concept & design

  • Development of professional/technical concept

  • Analysis of the best possible neural networks

  • Entwinding front end-Mockup

  • Analysis of data and construction of data model

change management

  • Employee workshops on using the AI models

  • Emphasizing potentials vs. unjustified concerns

  • Appointment of responsible persons for each AI model

  • Integration of AI tools in standard processes

Analysis of business processes

  • Collection of all business process information

  • Measurement of the manual effort at each step

  • Analysis of the cost-benefit ratio for AI tools

  • Evaluation of the potentials and risks

AI development

  • Development of neural network

  • Training neural network based on data

  • Verification & Adjustment Accuracy

  • Integration AI into existing systems

Use cases of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing technologies in the world and can help companies increase their productivity and efficiency. Businesses using AI tools and technologies can automate and improve their processes, resulting in greater productivity and efficiency. 

With AI-based cost analysis, companies can identify cost patterns and make predictions about future costs.

This enables companies to operate more cost-effectively and optimize spending to reduce costs and increase profitability.


How can I make my company more efficient with AI?

Advantages of artificial intelligence in companies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made rapid progress in recent years and is becoming increasingly important for the economy and society. The technology has also long been established in companies and brings with it many advantages.


increase in efficiency

One of the biggest advantages of AI in companies is the increase in efficiency. Machines and algorithms work faster and more error-free than humans and can therefore perform tasks faster and more precisely. 

trend analysis.png

Forecast Trends & Markets

AI can predict trends and markets, helping companies make better business decisions. By analyzing large amounts of data, future developments can be identified at an early stage.


data analysis

AI can also help analyze large amounts of data quickly and effectively. This provides companies with valuable insights and enables better decisions.




AI helps to optimize business processes and thus leads to time and cost savings. Automated processes free up resources and allow you to focus on more important tasks.


Personalized customer experience

AI makes it possible to create a personalized customer experience. By analyzing customer data, individual offers and recommendations can be provided, which leads to better customer loyalty.




AI supports the expansion of employee skills and offers them new opportunities. Automated routine tasks allow employees to focus their skills on more valuable work.

How can I use the advantages of AI in my company?

Recent advances in artificial intelligence


Using prompt input, AI can create images and illustrations of all kinds. We tried it. Here are our prompts and results. 


Characters with artificial intelligence can already talk to each other

Source: Youtube Jack Soslow "Two AIs talking to each other"

This is a conversation between two artificial intelligences. The video consists entirely of output text converted to video using the Synthesia KL tool.

It reveals a complex, insightful discussion of the nature of AI and how its consciousness works. 

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